dont label yourself

choosing a label for yourself becomes an intimate part of what make p you.As soon as you identify yourself with a certain group- whether it’s emo, punk, prep, or scene then you start to define other people based on this label. I admit it labeling yourself to a certain group feels great makes you feel like you belong somewhere or also known as your identity but little did you know it also limits you in a lot of ways. being a part of this “group” it gives you a “mental shortcut” by changing the way you think and act. I mean instead of thinking for yourself all you have to do is copy the other member of this blind identity. You also agree much easier when you are in this group which they say something you agree a lot easier or disagree when they disagree. Another thing that happens is that you begin to dislike a lot of people for no reason at all and when this happens you view everything as “us vs. them.” When you Don’t label yourself you can connect with more people a lot easier. Labeling limits who you become as a person and how you view yourself and others again using “us vs. them.” In other words be careful when you use labels because it has it’s pros and its cons.


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